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24. Aug, 2020

My niece, Evie, decided to record herself playing one of the pieces I wrote for her (5 little pieces for Evie). I have posted this under the tab 'Evie's performance'.

She is playing the second one called 'Sailing down the river'.

They are progresively designed to get harder from about Grade1 to Grade 3 standard.

29. Jul, 2020

....Following on from yesterday's message, I have discovered that Naxos have released more tracks from the CD on Youtube. I have therefore added a couple more examples (Examples 6 & 7)

28. Jul, 2020

After a long period of inactivity on here, partly due to the Corona Virus Pandemic bringing everything to a halt, I have posted a new example of my work for you to listen to (Example 2). It has been put in the public domain by Naxos in the USA on Youtube and is a track from the Piano Album where Samantha Ward plays a number of my piano works.

I hope everyone in the musical world, both professional and amateur, that I have had the pleasure to work with is keeping safe in the current circumstances and is not suffering unduly from lack of work.👍

25. Feb, 2019


Delighted that the Marmen Quartet  gave a stunning recital at my birthday concert on the 23rd February. Thanks to everyone who came to share in the experience. Thanks to Johannes, Ricky, Bryony and Steffan for giving a thrilling first performance of my second string quartet.

6. Jan, 2019

Looking forward, there are three big occasions coming up.

Firstly I am fortunate to have the Marmen Quartet come and perform in Telford for a special 60th Birthday celebration.

Secondly, I am performing in the Wolverhampton Symphony Orchestra's Spring Concert at the Grammar School on 16th March. (Ravel - Bolero; Walton - cello concerto; Frank- Symphony in D)

Thirdly, Brierley Hill Choral Society are doing a combined concert with Halesowen Choral Society in Stourbridge on 13th April with the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra when we will perform the oratorio St Paul, by Mendelssohn