22. Apr, 2018

CD of piano music now available.

I am delighted to have taken receipt of the first batch of CDs featuring three of my piano works.

The CD is entitled 'Landscape and Longing; the piano music of Rory Freckleton' and is available on the Quartz label (QTZ 2126). It should be on general release very soon, but if you can't wait contact me for a copy from my stock!.

I am indebted to three wonderful people for making this project come to this stage;

Samantha Ward - Her wonderful playing has definitely shown the music off to its best. I am very grateful to her for the long gruelling sessions in the recording studio and initiating the project in the first place.

Ateş Orga - How lucky am I to have such a renowned figure as Ateş acting as producer. His attention to detail was incredible, picking out all the nuances in the music and getting the best out of Sam's playing. I am also very grateful to him for pushing the the production of the CD with Quartz Music. 

Mark Rogers - Mark did an amazing job as sound engineer and remained very supportive in the post-recording phase of the project including his liaison with Quartz Music with all the technical transfer of files and so forth.

I am also grateful to Charles Padley from Quartz Music for being prepared to take a risk with an 'unknown' such as myself.